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IIt is a must have to buy a cover for your spa. A quality cover will help the spa retain its heat which will keep down the heating bills. Covers will keep debris and other unwanted materials out of the spa, keeping your water clean every timtan covere you step in. Safety issues can also arise if you don't have a cover. Small children and animals can fall into the spa if there is no cover.

Typically, the company you purchase your spa from will include the cost of the cover in your total amount. With that said, it is important to consider the type of cover when purchasing your spa. Unfortunately, the majority of the spa covers available in the industry look the same; therefore, it is important to look at the quality of the cover. The following are things to look for in a spa cover:

Density of the Cover: This is usually how spa covers are priced. The density of the foam is what keeps the heat from escaping your spa. Basically it is additional insulation. Density ranges from 1 lb. to 4 lb. A cover with sufficient insulation will be at least 1.5 lb. There are covers with a more dense foam that provide further insulation, but it is important to make sure that the cover is lightweight. Otherwise, it will be difficult to open and close the cover.

Tapered Topside: Pick a cover that has some sort of taper on the topside. This means that the cover should be thicker in the middle than the outer edges. Having a tapered cover will allow water to run off when it rains and snows, which increases the life of the cover.

ASTM Approved: A hot tub cover should meet the ASTM standards. This states that the cover has to have locking safety straps that attach to the tub. This prevents small children from having access to the spa, as well as providing extra support from the wind.

Heat Seal Gaskets and Hinges: The heat seal gasket is a pad that seals where the cover folds. It is wise to buy a cover that has a heat seal that runs along the entire length of the fold, rather than just the ends. A cover should also have reinforced hinges, or two layers of vinyl, that connect the two halves of the cover.

Warranties: Since the life of a spa cover is not very long, it is usually the first thing to go. It is important to purchase a spa cover that has an extensive warranty. Often times manufacturers only offer a one year warranty. With the high cost of a cover, it is best to look for a warranty that is at least three years.


cover caddy



An accessory to consider is a cover lifter. This will simplify your  cover removal and it will provide assistance for those who may   have difficulty
lifting the full weight of the cover themselves.   

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