Preparing Your Yard for a Hot Tub

Before you buy that brand new hot tub that the entire family (not to mention friends and neighbors) has been looking forward to, you’ll want to make some measurements to ensure you can get that sucker where you want it in your yard. You won’t enjoy your new spa too much if you have to install it by the mailbox.

Keep in mind, hot tubs are very large, cumbersome objects, even without the water in them. Just because the dealer calls it a “portable spa” doesn’t mean there’s much about them that is portable.

So, to make sure you can put your hot tub where you want, take a look at this checklist before having it delivered:

Check to make sure…

* All walkways/gates leading to the backyard are wide enough to allow the tub to enter.
* No overhanging branches will block passage.
* There are no protruding meters, light fixtures, overhangs, or rain gutters that could get in the way.
* The deck or patio where you want to set your hot tub is reinforced and can handle the weight (check the owner’s manual to get the weight with water included–then add a few hundred pounds for bathers).
* Any stairs leading to the deck/patio do not have railings that will impede the hot tub.
* There are no other obstacles that need to be moved (i.e. play sets, wood piles, etc.).

If everything checks out, take a final walk through, looking for potential problems, putting yourself in the eyes (well, you know what we mean) of a massive hot tub. If it all looks good, go ahead and order your new toy. It’s time to bring your hot tub home.

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