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The warm water massaging that a spa provides can clear your mind of everyday stresses. This hydortherapy is great for relaxing overworked muscles and soothing arthritis pain. It can also help in achieving a good night's sleep. When selecting a spa, there are some important components to look for that contribute to a hydrotherapeutic experience. Jets, seating, and additional features which include waterfalls and lighting, are critical to consider. Depending on the type of jets used and their placement, and the various seats throughout the spa, you could have either the most therapeutic or the most uncomfortable experience.

Jetsjet action

A majority of the hydrotherapy that you will receive in a spa is achieved through the massaging action of the jets. Water is forced through these orifices to provide you with a tissue massage. The type and intensity of the massage is determined by the size and placement of the jets. Large jets typically offer powerful, high volume, direct streams of water to provide you with a deep muscle massage. Smaller jets typically are a lower pressure massage, aimed at soothing the surface muscles and skin. There are also many types of jets on the market that will swirl in circles so that they can cover a larger area of your body. These types of jets will also help eliminate the "itchy" feeling some people feel when sitting in front of a jet for an extended period of time.

It is key to understand that the quantity of the jets alone does not guarantee a good massage; more importantly is the placement of them. Are they going to hit the areas of your body that need it the most? A great way to figure out whether or not a particular spa is right for you, is to get in it and try it out. Take advantage of the spas that are on the floor at the retailer. Sitting in the spa will allow you to actually get a feel for where the jets hit your body and what seats provide you with the ergonomics that you desire. Many retailers ask if you would like a "wet water" test. You can actually get into one of their filled spas and test the comfort of the seats, the jets and the jet pressure. This can help you make your decision as to which manufacturer is right for you and particularly the spa model that you like best.


You will most likely spend a lot of time soaking in your spa. Since your experience should be relaxing, you want to choose a spa that is most comfortable for you. Think of a spa as an extension of your living room. Just as you would take time to pick and choose which furniture met your comfort needs, you need to consider the styling and comfort of the spa seating. There are many different styles and models throughout the industry. Depending on the manufacturer, you can find sophisticated styles which offer seats that curve and contour your body, providing you with more comfort.

Once again, it is best to get in the spas as you are shopping to determine if the style and contour of the seats are right for you. Ask yourself: Am I comfortable? Where will my arms rest? Where will the water hit me? Is there multi-level seating to fit people of different heights and shapes?

The following types of seats are commonly used throughout the industry, but many manufacturers have changed their names.

Lounge Seats: Think of this seat as a recliner. Your body is stretched out in a more laid-down position. Malounge chairny spa owners love this seat, but it is important to make sure that it is constructed well. You want to consider the depth of the lounge in the seat and foot area. If the lounge is not deep enough in these two areas, you or your legs will float out of the seat. With that said, you don't want a lounge that is too deep because the water level may hit you too high. It is best to do a "wet water" test.

Bench Seats: These seats look exactly like they sound. It is basically a flat seat that allows you to sit in an up-right position with your feet on the ground . The jets will typically hit your back area and not your shoulders or legs. Usually people who do not like to lay back or recline, enjoy these seats. Once again, it is important to check the depth of the seat to ensure that the water will hit you correctly.

Bucket Seats: These seats sit lower and the jets have the ability to target your neck, shoulders, back and legs. You end up getting a full body massage if the jet formations are correct. Spa owners typically enjoy these seats because of the hydrotherapy and comfort level that they provide.


LED Lighting

Many spa manufacturers offer this as an add-on feature. This lighting surrounds a spa and illuminates an array of colors in the water. This is a great way to set the mood or give you that extra sense of tranquility and relaxation. You get the full effect of the lights after the sun has gone down. Often times there are various color settings you can change using your control panel. Typically these are easy to use and reasonably priced. They are a great addition to any spa to light up the soothing water.

LED and Waterfall


Waterfall jetting is a cascade of water that empties into the spa. The relaxing sound of the waterfall helps to ease your mind and take in the hydrotherapy that the spa provides. This feature is great to use any time of the day as it offers a luxurious setting to the outdoor environment. Each manufacturer uses different waterfalls; therefore, it is up to the buyers as to which one they like best.

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